125+ Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words in Tamil, Quotes Images

Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words in Tamil, Quotes Images

In this article, I would like to share the Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words in Tamil!!! Here are the Quotes images will have the powerful thoughts of Our great Dr Apj Abdul Kalam Sir!!! He is one of the inspiration for many youngsters all over the country and he is the only god for many students. People will not keep the hope on the students and youngsters but he kept the hope on the youngsters and students only. Moreover, upon seeing the fire in the Indian students, he has written the book 20 20 vision of India. I hope soon we gonna new India with the power of the youngsters.

Golden Words for Life

I personally admire the golden words of the Abdul Kalam sir!!! These are not just words, these are the emotions of the Students. In fact, these words are the path to the success in the life.

apj abdul kalam golden words in tamil

## Golden Words English

apj abdul kalam golden words in tamil

## Dr Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words in Tamil

apj abdul kalam golden words in tamil

apj abdul kalam golden words in tamil

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Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words in Tamil

Just be sincere to your work not to the boss in your office. This is also one of the inspiring quotes from the Abdul Kalam!!! There are millions of Apj Abdul Kalam Golden Words that can inspire your life and achievement. I hope you would have got some motivation about the life and how you should live your life in a successful way.

## Golden Words of Dr Apj Abdul Kalam

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  • “Nee sumakkindra nambikkai nee keezhey vizhum pothu,
    unnai sumakkum- Dr.A.P.J.ABDHUL KALAM.”
  • “Malaiyai parthu malaithu vidathey,
    malai meethu yearinal athuvum un kaal adiyil.

One requires to go after one’s objectives with all his earnestness as well as interest. One ought to be constantly in high spirit. The absence of such spirit leads to inability complicated which is a huge stumbling block on the course to success. The sensations success brings will certainly make you stroll happily along the roads with your head up high while being completely satisfied as well as satisfied.